Waiting about 10 years after getting married good or bad?

Waiting about 10 years after getting married good or bad?

Thanks to psych0faerie for submitting this to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool! One thing that is freaking me out at the moment is when I hear of friend and friends of friends, who marry after being together for years, but end up divorced after the first year or so. Could this happen to you? Or any of us? Obviously, there’s no way for us to ever know exactly what makes individual couples split up. But when it comes to this trend, I’ve got a theory… For better or for worse, each of us has expectations about what being married will mean to the relationship. For some people, that expectation might be, “Absolutely nothing will change, other than that we’ll be wearing rings and will have had a big party. Our whole relationship will be on a different level, and how we interact with the world will be radically shifted! The problem, however, is when the two people getting married don’t talk about their expectations.

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

In this situation, the spouse earning less income retains the right to be paid alimony for as long as he or she needs, and as long as the paying spouse can pay. Depending on the situation, you and your spouse could decide on a fixed spousal support payment for a certain period of time. If it is designated in your settlement agreement that support is non-modifiable, then the court will not extend alimony beyond the designed time regardless of whether or not you were married for more than 10 years.

The Social Security Administration also considers marriages that last longer than 10 years to be a long-term marriage. If you are remarried, those benefits are not applicable. If eligible, the derivative social security benefits will be half the amount your former spouse is able to collect.

My brother got married to his first love after 20+ years apart. He was very much in love and carried a torch for her all those years. They have been married for 7 years and have a DD together.

Not only does the media continually portray this path as the norm, but the people we surround ourselves with also provide a benchmark for when we think we should be getting engaged. Some publications have determined that the average couple dates for a mere 25 months just over 2 years before the question is popped, while others find that couples date for just under 3 years before getting engaged.

We surveyed a random sample of 2, females in the United States aged 18 to 45 over a course of three weeks to see how long they dated their partners before they got engaged. Survey Questions, Goals and Parameters We asked three simple questions: What city and state do you live in? How long were you and your partner dating before you got engaged? How old were you when your partner proposed?

Each of these questions were designed with the goal in mind: We included the location factor to see how these relationships varied across regions as well.

Dating Someone Who Has No Plans On Getting Married

Christian Married I’ll see if I can find the poll I had on here – the majority of marital age was , followed by I notice it too the massive age difference between secular marrying couples, and Christian couples – and I know a LOT of Christian couples who ran around at their receptions and the days leading up to it going, ‘now I can have SEX! I kinda feel bemused when they come back from their honeymoons and admit that it wasn’t all they expected!

I’m glad I didn’t get married when I was 20 like I planned. I mean it’s only 4 years later, and I’m absolutely shocked at what I read from my diaries back then.

We got married when I was 32 years old and I can say with confidence that this wedding dress will be preserved. Getting married in your 30s is way better than in your 20s.

John Mellencamp was married to a super model for 18 years. After the divorce he dated Meg Ryan for nearly four years. Now he may or may not get married again. Divorce finalized in August John Mellencamp has been married and divorced three times now. His last marriage was that to Elaine Irwin and it lasted a total of 19 years.

Dating After Divorce: When Is the Right Time?

Expert Reply Dear Ray, Congratulations on being married for 20 years! The two of you have a commitment to the relationship which is important when the relationship is going through tough times. There may be a couple of reasons your wife feels an ’emotional block’.

May 23,  · No one can say what will happen after marriage or after another 10 years. , AM redguard Location: Oregon, formerly Texas. 5, posts, read 3,, times One couple get engaged after 4 months of dating and married within the year – .

After all, both have access to practically anything they want. Also, let’s face it, celebrity can be fleeting and tends to fade as you age, so what better way to ensure your continued life of luxury than to date or marry a billionaire? In all seriousness though, some celebrities like Jamie Gertz and Salma Hayek have found long term love with their billionaire husbands.

Others, like Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, have had a briefer foray into the billionaire lifestyle. I have to wonder, what is it like to date mere mortals after you’ve had the experience of dating a billionaire? Let’s take a look at nine celebrities who have dated, married, or are currently dating billionaires.


February edited February I’m not saying the total amount of time is inconsequential. I’m just saying that placing so much importance on that exact first date after a certain amount of time is meh. But then I just don’t ascribe that much importance to exact dates for much of anything – I’m good with ballparking things within a few weeks and don’t find any special magical significance to a specific date on a calendar and most of my friends are this way as well.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got married after 6 years of dating. The two met in while working on the drama Save The Last Dance For Me.. They’ve been together for a while, yet they still love each other like they’re newlyweds, and so this celebrity couple have been crowned “relationship goals”.

Coverage focused on the flowers, her dress, the post-ceremony dinner party and their love story. After falling in love with all the passion of year-olds, Roberts reported that the couple decided to marry even though some friends asked why. The Post story was all about the event, not the nuts and bolts of getting married after We would call in a financial writer to tackle that report.

But no doubt, estate planning was an important part of the Rehm-Hagedorn match-up. As it should be. These five steps will help avoid worry now, and possible confusion down the road. Put a Prenuptial Agreement in Place Sign an agreement that spells out what assets will be held separately by each of you. Do you have tax-deferred retirement funds that when you die should go to your kids rather than to your surviving spouse? How about stock investments? Do you own real estate that will be held separately for your heirs?

Is there separate debt? How will that be handled? If one of you sells a house, does the house that you plan to live in together remain a separate asset?

How to Get Married After 35

Despite all that, marriage conveys 1, tax breaks, benefits and protections such as guaranteed medical leave to care for a family member , according to the Human Rights Campaign. Advertisement Those prerogatives are among the reasons same-sex couples have sought the legal right to marry, just as some opposite-sex couples are choosing not to tie the knot. She may also be ineligible to deduct her share of the mortgage interest on her taxes, says Alan Pinck, an enrolled agent in San Jose, Calif.

And if the relationship ends and she has to move out, she has few legal rights, even if she has contributed to the mortgage and other expenses. If the relationship fizzles or one partner dies, what seemed like an uncomplicated partnership could turn into a messy legal nightmare. An attorney with experience in counseling unmarried couples can help come up with an agreement that will govern the arrangement and address potential conflicts.

Hi Meredith, My boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 years. We are both in our late 20s. For the past few years, he has constantly gone out with his friends on his day off, even though we can only see each other once a week.

Introduction Foreign nationals often wonder if they are allowed to get married on a tourist visa while in the U. Is it possible to adjust status from a tourist visa or visa waiver? Are you allowed to stay in the U. The short answer is: There is nothing in the regulations that say individuals who are in the US as visitors cannot get married.

In fact, you are even allowed to come to the US as a visitor with the sole intention of getting married. The time when individuals run into trouble is when they enter the US on a tourist visa with the clear intention of marrying and staying permanently in the US.

This Color Test Will tell You At Which Age You Will get Married!

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