Vintage Gruen Watches

Vintage Gruen Watches

Honestly that is an impossible thing to achieve, so instead I have created an Elgin pocket watch appraisal article for you to read. The best experts in the world would not attempt this, unless they had the actual watch in their hand, and their trusty eye-glass with them. The price is also highly influenced by the going market rate. As I said earlier, what I can do, is to explain how to do an appraisal of your antique watch. Hopefully this will at least help and guide you along the way. However please be advised that if you want an accurate value, then you need to take it to an expert. Ask for two quotes, as you will need an auction or real value quote and a quote for insurance purposes. The one for insurance purposes will typically have a higher value as it should cover the real cost of replacement. Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal Explained All genuine Elgin watches will have two serial numbers, one on the case and one on the movement.

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Signs of aging and wear History of the caliber Knowing when the caliber was first made and ended production would the first useful clue. A very straightforward example is the automatic diver which was introduced in to replace the aging model whose production years ran from to The had a market life span of eight years and was shelved by mid replaced by the current 7s26 caliber.

Pics courtesy of Chronograph.

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This is important for any collector. It is always nice to find a watch that was made the very same year you were born. And guess what, for Citizen you can go even further! You can date it by month also! How do we do it? Well… it is a combination of different clues: First of all, we turn the watch over and look at the caseback.

Most of the time over there we have a lot of information regarding the case model, the watch model, the material and, very important in dating one, the serial number. This serial number is usually 8 digits. Those 8 digits show the year and the month. The first digit is an indication of the year. The next two are for the month. In the example below the first digit is 6 so it can be only a year ending in 6 such as , , or So we can narrow it down to or

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April 18, in Chronograph Tags: Fast forward a decade or so and Breitling released the first version of the watch in this post, the Superocean Ref. The main differences between the two versions are that the early model has no running seconds subdial and has a plain diving bezel rather than the yachting bezel found on the later model.

Identify and Date Your Antique Clock. When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost.

Guarantee If the guarantee is photographed check that any model or serial numbers match those featured on the caseback of the watch. Also check carefully for any errors in logos, spelling and dates. Instruction Manual If the original instruction manual is photographed please check that any model numbers match those featured on the caseback of the watch.

Also check carefully for any errors in logos, spelling, spacing and dates. Serial Number Some Citizen watches have a serial number that can be found on the caseback. Most Citizen watches have a model number on the caseback. Citizen Logo Every Citizen watch will feature the Citizen logo on the watch face. Check the font of the letters is consistent with the official brand logo, that the spacing is even, and that the quality of finish is high. The goal of goVerify guides are to help online shoppers not get caught out by fakes as well as to show sellers how to take good photographs that will help them sell more on eBay.

Visit the goVerify it website to see guides from many other popular brands being sold online.

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Since Sumerian time, human being has invented the devices to measure and keep track of time. Clock and watches further developed in modern days. Antique and vintage mechanical watches and clocks produced in Switzerland, Germany,Japan and USA were high precision device that were sought after by many collector for their complications, rarity and high in value

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Members participate in over local and special interest chapters in North America, Asia, and Australia. We also sponsor an annual convention, a symposium, and our chapters host numerous regional events and local meetings. Chapters offer opportunities for learning and friendships and a venue to meet people eager to buy and sell collectible timepieces: Geographic Chapters bring together members from their areas for fun, friendship, and learning, including workshops and timepiece restoration and maintenance projects.

They publish newsletters, communicate electronically, and share their mutual interest. The National Watch and Clock Museum is a place where explorations into time are made everyday. If you would like to learn what you can do to help, contact us to select a role that matches your interests and abilities with our current needs. Educational Resources Research in person or via email and borrowing privileges at the Library and Research Center; the world’s largest collection of horological literature.

Access to our online research databases for watches and clocks, hundreds of online educational videos, and discounted rates for all of our online and offline educational programs and seminars. How can we preserve our horological legacy? Every day your tax-deductable gifts help us fulfill our mission.

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How can I confirm that the photos I have been receiving actually belong to the person I am corresponding with? Most people think that it is very easy to verify how someone looks like, or to obtain a photo of a person. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only place where the photos could be guaranteed to be accurate are government archives, such as passport applications or driving license applications.

I have received many requests to value watches on this website. Honestly that is an impossible thing to achieve, so instead I have created an Elgin pocket watch appraisal article for you to read. Placing any type of value on an Elgin watch just can’t be done with any degree of accuracy or confidence.

Learn the approx age of your movement by looking up the movement’s start of production date. Visually locate your movement on the map. Great for eBay sellers that need to quickly find movement Caliber Numbers for their movement listings! Shortcut-dating of Your Gruen Watch Don’t want to take the time to get a really accurate answer on the tutorial page? OK, let’s ease you into it. Find the Style Number Date of your watch using the calculator below. Find the movement caliber number on your movement.

Use it to find the date on the Caliber-Date Table. Find the date your Case was manufactured. Look up the serial number on the Serial Number Page.

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Dual Hour Timezone Luminous Beauty Watches have always had a artistic aspect to them and they are often the only kind of jewelry that men will wear. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person will really like another will find to be too gaudy, too plain or simply ugly. Condition The condition of a watch refers to how close to factory new the watch is and what has happened to the watch since then.

Blue was especially prominent in watch product colors and perhaps for good reason. Watch brands routinely report that blue-dialed versions of their watches sell more than other variants, and the market does seem to have a healthy appetite for blue.

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This time it’s an Eterna, one if their Majetek pilots watches. (Click pictures to enlarge) Military watch enthusiasts will recognise the name ‘Majetek’ which covers a trio of watches issued to members of the Czech Air Force in the late ’s and 40’s.

We do know that Westfield Watch Company, Inc. We also know that Bulova trademarked the Westfield name in and reported first use of the name in excerpt below from the Bulova section of the horological trademark listings; copyrighted material. Based on that information, it is reasonable to conclude that Westfield watches that we see from the s and beyond were Bulova-made. Why Bulova sold watches under the Westfield name can only be speculated, but the most plausible explanation is that the Westfields provided a lower cost option.

While the Westfields are fine, attractive watches, the movements typically had lower jewel counts than mainstream Bulovas. The cases and straps may also not have been of the same quality as other Bulova models. It does seem that the vintage Westfield watches seen today have not held up quite as well as comparably aged models from the Bulova line, as they are usually seen with noticeably more case wear.

Also, the Westfield cases tend to not specify a gold content, as do the mainstream Bulovas. For example, the two Westfield cases shown below simply state “Rolled Gold”, rather than “10k Rolled Gold”, as would commonly be seen on a Bulova branded model from the same time period. All such modifications would have allowed Bulova to sell a quality watch with a Swiss movement at a lower price point. Westfields typically bear the Westfield Watch Co.

There are, however, some observed exceptions to that rule.

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